Mosaic Atlanta’s bylaws and infrastructure.

Administrative Committee

Each of these groups are responsible for one page, one calendar entry, they get a Google drive folder and access to a Canva template and a card on Trello.

Usually things are setup around long term running needs, so if a group is at less than capacity there can still be some presentation. We want you to ask for submissions, publish articles, ask for memberships.

With this comes the responsibility of signing an NDA and keeping your membership current. It’s best for everybody to have a number to target.

All of these committees can change their name or whatever.

Meet Our Inspiring Team

Welcome to Mosaic Atlanta, the driving force for community progress. Join us for engaging workshops, insightful meetings, and impactful canvassing. Discover how we empower locals to politically engage and make a difference. Become a part of our vibrant collective.

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