welcome to mosaic atlanta.

We're happy to be a vital part of Atlanta's coalition for jobs and justice, and a vital part of America's effort to retire the capitalist economy and create one by and for working people.

Join us in discovering mutual aid, housing justice, and labor and tenant organizing.


Working people have always borne the brunt of police corruption and violence, the devastation of gentrification, and the dire conditions of houselessness - but recent events have shown our representatives’ true indifference towards the well-being of their constituents.

We know how powerless we all feel when we’re watching our national leaders throw us to the wolves for Wall Street--and we know the winds are changing in Atlanta.

We are member run, member funded, and locally controlled. Our activism always puts the people before the political class.

We're always recruiting and training. Our vital work connects small businesses, community organizations and the masses.

Values That You'll Find Here:

Community Building

A culture of burnout and replacement can't build any lasting community. That's why Mosaic's designed to be a fun, sustainable place to organize.

Access and Equity

We use easy-to-understand, easy-to-navigate, asynchronous technologies to make our projects more accessible to busy people, poor people, disabled people, parents, and folks living outside the perimeter. 

Internal Democracy

We've seen too many cults of personality in politics - two or three people who hoard institutional knowledge in order to fight off popular will.

We believe in clear, democratic decision making. 

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