change can't wait. neither should you.

You can engage with Mosaic in many ways - and we think that's important. We've designed this organization so that you can participate in a vital way at every level.

Each area of engagement represents more investment in both us and your own community.

We're definitely not out here selling timeshares and we're not going to pressure anyone to go to "the next level".

You're free to come and go as you please. But this gives you a strong sense of our overall strategy and what we "do" here.

policy priorities


When communities can feed, clothe, and care for each other - they can resist economic pressure and demand to be treated with equity.


The escalating nightmare of gentrification has made transportation and food more expensive - but living prices are skyrocketing.


The wave of strikes we've seen really drive home how important this work is. We're investing in and supporting labor as it grows.

Public Safety

This city doesn't need more cops or more jails. These institutions make life harder on the poor instead of helping them. Let's reinvest in education, housing, and mental health.

What are your next steps at Mosaic?


Just give us your email, and we'll keep you in touch about what we're doing. You'll also get access to our regular mailings. so that you can hear about cultural events, meetings, guest speakers, and seminars.

We ask subscribers to: share us on social media, donate, read our newsletter, or schedule a call.


It's important that our work is composed of simple things that anybody can do. It could be phone or text banking, making a graphic, or helping a more intensive activity like a canvass. We really take pride in teaching you how to do those things, or giving you the resources to do them more easily.

We ask participants to just show up - flyering, outreach, and attending events.


Ready to join? Being a member is the central thing we ask folks in town to do here - the larger we are, the more we can accomplish while representing average people in Atlanta. As a member, you can pay monthly or annual dues, vote on our priorities, or join a working group.


Whether you need time to see all the ropes or you're an experienced organizer, we're building a platform that can support your fight against the 1% at every level.

We'll ask you to do things like - starting public events, leading meetings, talking to neighbors, and organizing drives.

watch our mutual aid show on youtube.

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Will talk to you for a few minutes and get to know you - this will help us learn your political priorities and whether we're a good fit.